Monday, January 16, 2006

Isn't it loverly

How nice to be missed!

That doesn't happen very often, I can assure you.

People make their wishes and once fullfilled, they move on with their lives. Most of the time they don't even say thank you.

But that's okay, I'm not The Porn Fairy for the thanks. Helping people with their needs is what it's all about.

But to be missed? How lovely. Goodness, I nearly teared up. Thank you Michael and Chloe, you are both very thoughtful.

I'm very busy, otherwise I'd be around more often. But I will make an effort to show here more frequently.

If any of you need anything, just let me know.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Like a Virgin

"Gals, I gotta tell you, this premium on virginity is disturbing to me. Maybe the Porn Fairy needs to enlighten you about the sacred act and the Temple Virgins/Sacred Whores of Bablyon."

I'm happy to grant your wish Michael.

Politics of Sexuality

Virgins and Prostitutes

Patriarchal writers speak contemptuously of "temple harlots" throughout the early records. At the same time, the Mother of Jesus was and is revered as 'virgin". They have also insisted that virginity meant without knowledge of or experience of sexual intercourse. Virgins were pure, even holy. Virgins were also the "sacred vessel", "uncontaminated", which men could violate for their own purposes, and proceed to own and enslave totally for life.

There is ample evidence that temple harlots are also temple virgins. That is, they are the wives of the sacred kings, and priestesses of the Goddess, putting their sexuality at the service of the community for its benefit. The meaning of "virgin", says Esther Harding (and others) was "one in herself", "not married", "sexually independent". Harding says: "The male worshipper sought for union with the Goddess... the woman pledged to a religious life would not enter into secular marriage... even women not so pledged were required to give themselves once in their lifetime in the temple". Herodotus called it "the worst Babylonian custom". But he commented: "after intercourse she made herself holy". Children born of these unions were children of the temple and of the community: often they were called "the sons of God". All children conceived by the temple virgins were the offspring of the sacred king, the divine son/lover of the Goddess.

Patriarchy and Women's Sexuality

In my youth, men and women desired each other and were joined, and parted when desire was over-past. Nor was there argument or curiosity or lewd speculation regarding the origins of children, for these were the gifts with which the high gods blessed women, we had no disrespect for women in those days. Now all in Gwyned know that Math and Don were born of the same mother, and the women still live who saw Don give birth to Gwydion. Our royal house is above a doubt. When you have seen them with your eyes, you know.

Sacred Sexuality - Mesopotamian Holy Harlot

Her title 'virgin' indicated her autonomous, unmarried state. Her chief consort was the son/brother/lover Dumuzi, or Tammuz, meaning 'faithful son'. This, and the corresponding goddess roles of mother/sister/lover, reflect the phases of the moon, underlining the importance of its monthly cycle to all ancient peoples. Dumuzi/Tammuz is referred to in poems and hymns as 'Lord of Life', 'the Green One', and 'Shepherd of the People' - often sacrificed in the form of a lamb. The other totemic crea- tures linked to the son/lover are the ram and the magnificent 'Bull of Heaven'.

Finally he reached the portico after the hot, dusty wait outside, laid his silver in the salver. He was shown to a room where he could shake off the dust, wash, comb, scent himself, then to the courtyard, paved with pink marble. Doves scattered as he found a couch, their wings shuffling the air, which smelled of flowers. A fountain played, and in the distance someone tuned a stringed instrument, the liquid notes blending with the falling water.

Then she entered: face soft and grave, hair dressed high, a gown of thin silk bound about her, showing dark her areolas, her brush of pubic hair. She came up to him, held out her hand; deep black eyes met his. He found himself trembling, from fear or desire he couldn't tell.

She led him to a small room, darkened, with a red-shaded lamp, a low bed. This was the moment he'd longed for, working in the delta, his family's fields. She took him into her arms, golden arms smelling of honey, the wealth of her hair poured out over him, and he knew the Goddess had come to him. Surely this feeling was Hers, this liquid weight of sensation, this woman's body stroking his, melding to his, running now with scented sweat and juices. He felt the God take him, and his uncertainty fell away.

The Porn Fairy's belief:

Virginity is not something to be prized or reviled. Is not to be horded or thrown away. Human beings have placed too much value, both positive and negative, on the Virgin State. What matters is a woman's own comfort and her right to do as her own beliefs quide her. To mourn the loss of the virgin state is as pointless as bragging about it. It is a part of life that comes to us all. Hopefully everyone makes a wise choice - if not, then learn from it and go onward, without regret. Sex should be freely given and gratefully accepted. Ideally, it should flow from love. Secondarily, from desire and passion.

To place a value on your physical state is to give someone else the opportunity to gain power over you. You are as you are and can only be what you choose to be.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A conversation to make me smile.

This is for Axe. Look for that title and join the conversation.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

No place is as poorly guarded as a harem. And no women more accessible than the king's wives. A determined young man only has to choose how to achieve his ends. Hidden inside a barrel or disguised as a maidservant, he will easily deceive the casual sentinels and the overworked stewards. He can also try to make himself invisible by using an appropriate potion. But the result is uncertain. The king's wives like to play games with strangers that are forbidden with their husband. The young man and the noble lady are lying against each other, head to tail. He explores her yoni while her pretty mouth gobbles up his lingam greedily. It is Kalila the crow, the posture of slaves and maidservants, that queens are so fond of.
The Lovemaking of the Crow

Wish fulfillment

Dearest Lady Axe, The Porn Fairy has fulfilled some of your wishes.

Three cases of black candles to light your way, and two special candelabras to set the mood.

A suitable, hopefully temporary, replacement for the lack of playmates in your life. All adapters and attachements included.

There was a time when The Porn Fairy enjoyed pairing people up, just to see what happened. Then the lawsuits started. Annoying, most annoying. The Porn Fairy loathes lawyers and thoroughly enjoys punishing them. But that's my kink, not yours. I no longer provide mates, willing or unwilling, to anyone. However, I have an extensive network and have been spreading the word to all and sundry regarding your requirements. Do let me know when someone contacts you.

In the meantime, for your request for masks and catsuits and other acoutraments, please see Marquis. You have a 5,000 euro shopping spree awaiting you there. You might consider buying Michael a present.

The Porn Fairy is not a fan of beer but adores fruit flavors. Try those panties and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Stag

When he married her, she was a very young girl, almost a child. Now she is an accomplished woman, blessed with all the talents. They like to play and surprise each other. Today he finds her lying on the bed in the pleasure room. Her face is hidden by her splayed black hair. Slightly worried, he approaches. The wife has heard him and, with a swift move, she raises her rump. The fabrics fall away, revealing her superb buttocks. Without delay, savagely, like a stag in a rut, the husband mounts his wife. Suddenly, filled with scruples, he breaks off. Then the wife, with a move of her hip, encourages him and, in a dancing rhythm, she moves along with the back and forth motion of her man, who wails with pleasure.
For The Porn Fairy's favorite Detective, and bad boy, Michael will be receiving his wishes:

A Gift Card to The Porn Fairy Mall. Pick three corsets of your choice. Or three of anything. Except the models. You've been bad, but not that bad.

A Gift Card to Extreme Restraints.

One case of Japanese Pure lotion, both Strawberry and Lemon.

And because The Porn Fairy wants to make sure Michael remains a bad boy through out 2006, The Porn Fairy is giving him Jilly to cuddle with.
Because Michael has been very, very naughty this year, The Porn Fairy will be granting his most cherished desires.

Most of them, anyway.